Project List

We have provided support and advice to many businesses in the UK and abroad. Some recent projects include:

Lakhta Tower

Lakhta Tower, St Petersburg, 2018

Preparation, submission and negotiation assistance in a formal extension of time request of 224 days and loss and expense in the sum of $26M. Assistance with programme monitoring.

Total Sub-Contract value circa $250M

20 Fenchurch Street, London, 2016

Acting as Party Representative in Adjudication for a specialist sub-contractor on the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in London.

Walkie Talkie

Francis Crick Building

Francis Crick Building, London, 2016

Assisting with an extension of time claim for a specialist sub-contractor. Extensive programme analysis and claim preparation.

US Embassy, London, 2017

Assisting with an extension of time Adjudication claim for a specialist sub-contractor.

US Embassy

Astra Zenica

AstraZenica, Cambridge, 2017

Party Representaive on
behalf of a specialist Sub- Contractor in a multi-million pound Adjudication.

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 2003

Commercial management on a £30M oak window Sub-Contract package.

Scottish Parliament