Expert Witness

By their very nature construction disputes are complex and if they cannot be resolved by ADR then litigation or arbitration is the only alternative. This often requires the involvement of Leading Counsel, Counsel, specialist solicitors and expert witnesses.

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Fundamental to the effective resolution of any construction dispute is an objective appraisal of your case. The Slater Walker Partnership will provide you with a clear and concise opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of your dispute.

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This involves non-contentious issues and we will prepare a linked base-line programme for monitoring throughout the project. A monthly update and projection of this programme will take into account any factors that may affect the end-completion date.

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 Contract Advice

Our services apply from project inception to design development and include advice on procurement and tendering methodologies, management of the procurement process from tender selection through tender evaluation to contract award.

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Our Services  

Our Expertise

The expertise of Slater Walker Partnership is invaluable in the areas of contract or sub-contract procurement and dispute resolution. Our commissions are primarily in the UK but we also have experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Services covered include: adjudication and arbitration in contract disputes, expert witness appointment in quantum and time-related disputes, construction contract planning, preparation and review of existing contracts, procurement advice for employers, developers, contractors and sub-contractors, programme and critical path analysis, extension of time and loss and expense claims.
With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry our knowledge and approach is key to achieving positive results and resolution in a diverse number of disputes some of which are summarised in the Case Studies section.