Parties involved in building and civil engineering work have the right to refer disputes to adjudication for a speedy resolution (usually within weeks). The adjudicator’s decision is usually binding pending final resolution either by agreement or formal proceedings.

Parties involved in other sectors or jurisdictions may also use adjudication as a means of dispute resolution but only by agreement.
We act as Party Representative throughout the adjudication process including preparation of the case, service of the notice and the referral. During the adjudication process we provide a care and conduct service.

We have also successfully represented responding parties in the preparation of response documents with advice on jurisdictional issues.

We will advise whether or not your particular contract falls under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 or alternatively whether the new act – The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 is applicable.

Arbitration & Litigation

We provide a range of services to clients and their legal team in connection with arbitration and litigation proceedings providing legal support and technical or expert advice. We also support clients in respect of quantum evaluation in the measurement of Building and Civil Engineering works, evaluation of Loss and Expense.

Our in-house team carry out detailed programme analysis of the delay and disruption on the critical path of construction works.

We always ensure the client receives cost-effective, proper and timely advice throughout the process.

We provide a range of services in connection with arbitration and litigation...

Speedy resolutionYes
Means of dispute resolutionYes
Act as Party RepresentativeYes
Preparation of the caseYes
Service of the noticeYes
Care and conduct serviceYes
Response documentsYes
Timely AdviceYes
Legal supportYes
Technical or expert adviceYes
Quantum evaluationYes
Detailed programme analysisYes