Claims preparation and evaluation

Most forms of contract require a contractor to give timely notice of their intention to claim additional payment or time for events for which the employer is contractually responsible and to follow this up with details of the cause and effect on cost and/or programme analysis.

A claim document can take many forms depending on the facts, the contract requirements and other matters. We will review all of the evidence and quality of the records and, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the case, advise on an appropriate strategy.

We cannot over-emphasise the importance of early notice, good records and early forecasts of effects on cost and time.

Our claim submissions emphasise clarity and where appropriate, in respect of legal and contractual issues, are supported by Counsel’s Opinion under the License Access Rules.

Claims management

We have considerable experience in this area gained over many years of preparing and evaluating claims, reaching realistic conclusions and identifying, practical, commercial solutions.

We always provide objective assessments of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks inherent in any claim. We provide our clients with a realistic assessment of risk and costs involved in proceeding with the claim weighed against the likely recovery.

Where appropriate we recommend a commercial settlement and represent clients in seeking to achieve the most realistic settlement possible.

We have considerable experience in this area over many years of preparing and evaluating claims...

Claims preparationYes
Review evidenceYes
Assessquality of the records
Adviseon an appropriate strategy
Claims managementYes
Considerable experienceYes
Preparation and evaluationYes
Realistic conclusionsYes
Commercial solutionsYes
Objective assessmentsYes