By their very nature construction disputes are complex and if they cannot be resolved by ADR then litigation or arbitration is the only alternative. This often requires the involvement of Leading Counsel, Counsel, specialist solicitors and expert witnesses.

In such circumstances the role of an expert witness is crucial to the decision of the tribunal providing unbiased expertise and opinion on the matters in dispute.

An expert witness, therefore, must be qualified, experienced and have extensive, specialist knowledge and must be perceived as being both independent and objective.

Peter Slater has prepared many expert witness reports, in a variety of disputes, in matters concerning quantum and programme evaluation, in both litigation and arbitration. He is court tested and has been subjected to cross-examination.

We will be able to provide our clients with advice in proceeding or settling disputes during the arbitration or litigation process.

An expert witness must be perceived as being both independent and objective...

Unbiased expertiseYes
Specialist knowledgeExtensive
Court testedYes
Cross-examinationSubjected to